MEV have specialist pump design capability. We can design bespoke pumping equipment to suit new and difficult applications. MEV work with their principles to ensure that designs are correct for application or are integrated into existing ranges to extend or improve performance. MEV have designed:

  • BB3 Pumps
  • BB2 Pumps
  • OH2 Pumps
  • High Head, Low Flow Pumps
  • Reciprocating pumps

MEV can offer a comprehensive range of equipment from our trusted principles including Inspection, Material Certification, Assembly and Performance Testing. Essential design services and component supply come from the UK as necessary.

MEV use their expertise to CE mark and ATEX approve equipment under their supply when necessary.

MEV can also carry out reverse engineering services to help improve the supply of obsolete parts. We can laser scan and perform pattern-less manufacture of castings as well as manufacturing using traditional methods.

  • Petrochemicals