Impeller – Solids Cutting


PFA is added to the fuel stream for boilers to stop the fouling of the tubes. A complete slurry handling and distribution system is required. Ash is recovered from disposal site and mixed with process water. It is then transported via a piston pump through 850 metre 75mm pipework to the power station. It is then accurately dosed into the mills to act as a boiler mitigate. Formation of any solids within this process can cause severe problems and lead to clogging of the entire system.

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Engineering – Drafting Support


A Global Company decided to move manufacture of one of their pump ranges to the UK which was previously only produced by the US arm of their operations. The pumps had been produced for many years using detail drawings that had been both hand drawn or updated on AutoCAD, with many revisions. The UK team decided to do a review of the manufacturing documentation with a view to standardising the format to allow better quality control.

The Engineering Team for the UK pump manufacturing operations was extremely busy with a large fast track contract that was occupying a large percentage of the engineering team’s time. However, it was imperative that manufacture for the new pump range was not delayed as product interest was currently high.

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Engineering – Spare Part Support


An operator urgently needed spare parts for a reciprocating pump that had failed in the field. They were unhappy with the response they received from the manufacturer due to high costs and long delivery times quoted.

MEV were approached to ascertain if they could help with sourcing spare components for a triplex pump in a shorter delivery time.

The spare parts included coated plungers and a specialist lubrication module.

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